Telescope | Standing Antique Copper Harbor Master 30"

General Mercantile

$ 99.99 $ 199.99

The Hampton Nautical Standing Antique Copper Harbor Master Telescope 30” is a true nautical gem that can serve as a functional telescope or a symbol of seafaring pride in any room or office. Focusing is accomplished by adjusting the eyepiece ring on the telescope tube, and an antique copper cap is included to protect the lens when not in use. The stand has an adjustable knob to change and hold a specific direction. This antique copper nautical gem adds a beautiful shine and warmth to any room it graces.

The wooden black tripod stand features smooth, polished round legs, each with antique copper fittings and a screw release to let you adjust the height. A antique copper chain holds the three wooden legs together so the telescope can maintain its position.

Dimensions: 14" L x 3" W x 30" H

 15X Magnification

  • Antique copper telescope body
  • Glass optics for a clear view (not plastic lenses)
  • Fully functional telescope focuses and magnifies
  • Sturdy wooden tripod supports telescope when viewing

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