Old Ironsides - USS Constitution - Ship in a Bottle - 11"

General Mercantile

$ 31.95

FULLY ASSEMBLED FOR IMMEDIATE DISPLAY The ship in a bottle is one of the classic items of nautical decor, as much fun and mystery as it is remarkable craftsmanship. A perfect way to incorporate history into your home and a perfect gift with a story! Measuring 11" Long x 4" Wide x 5" High. Arrives fully assembled with all sails mounted --- This is not a ship in a bottle kit! Real glass bottle with a classic style, handcrafted wooden hull, and masts. Cork stopper and melted wax with an anchor impression seals the bottle. Metal nameplate on wooden base identifies the ship as the USS Constitution. "Old Ironsides" has a rich history and is most notable for its performance in the War of 1812.

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