About Us

Welcome to The General Mercantile at White Oak Attic. Mark and I love surrounding ourselves with family mementos, and practical household items that associate with the story of our heritage.  ...and we're just really nostalgic!

Not all of us have treasured family heirlooms that have been handed down for generations. Why not make our own?  

Find or make things that:

  • stylishly accent our surroundings (thank you Pinterest!)
  • remind us of our heritage (genealogy is a fun hobby)
  • help us tell the story to everyone who visits our home.

No clutter. Keepsakes come out of dusty basements and dark closets and are blended tastefully into our surroundings. Day to day household goods are higher quality, pretty to look at and live where they are handy, useful and part of home decor.

Less is more. By having practical household items serving their purpose and also functioning as decorative items throughout our homes we don't need as much room to squirrel things away and we save a lot of money by not spending so much of it on things that do absolutely nothing other than take up space and look pretty. Bonus = less chaos, less organizing and more time to enjoy our lives.

Enjoy our General Mercantile. Shop and browse for items that serve a household purpose, remind you of family ties or your heritage, associate with your family history or just makes you feel good when you look at it!

Visit www.whiteoakattic.com to learn about genealogy and build your own family history.

Mark & Lisa Isbell